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  1. Hardcover Book Interleaving Pile Stacking Machine

    Stable and efficient stacking, one-second reversal, easy to change the stack size, used for the pre-packing procedures of books and periodicals after printing, using machines to replace labor, saving manpower and time; up to 50 books per minute. It can be used for multi-model equipment matching linkage line.
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  2. Semi Auto Hardcover Book Case Corner Rounding Machine

    Speed:20-30pcs/min Max Case Width:600mm Min Case Width:100mm Board Thickness:1-5mm Corner Type:R6,R7,R8,R10,R12 Weight:150kg Dimensions:1100x1560x1440mm Voltage:220V/50HZ Air Demand:0.5pa
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  3. Automatic Card Counting Friction Feeder

    Speed:200/500 pcs/min Card Thickness:0.1-3mm Card Length Range:45-120mm;50-300mm;60-500mm Card Width Range:40-100mm;110-300mm;300-420mm;200-600mm Power Supply:110/220V Power:450/750KW Weight:25/35/40/65kg Dimension:612400597mm;620670700mm;740670700mm;9201026708mm(LWH)
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